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BodyTalk is an Intuitive Consciousness-based Healthcare System.

“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life flows.” ~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

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I offer BodyTalk sessions that combine my 20-year own search for Self-knowledge with the BodyTalk system to offer you a safe space to explore the hidden causes of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual discomfort. I utilise my training in Psych-K, Psychology, Coaching, Business, Energy Healing (Reiki), Vedanta, and BodyTalk to explore new dimensions and assist you in living your highest potential. I have observed many shifts and changes in my own life going for BodyTalk since 2012, and in my clients’ lives since 2016.

BodyTalk is an intuitive Consciousness-based healthcare system with its philosophical roots in Vedanta. BodyTalk uses both Eastern and Western knowledge to address the client holistically. BodyTalk differs from other healing modalities in that it addresses all your body levels and as it works on the Consciousness level, influencing the energetic, mental, emotional, vital, and physical levels. Everything in the physical world is made out of atoms. Atoms are made out of energy. And energy is made out of consciousness. Thus working directly on the Consciousness level, all other levels are subsequently influenced.

There is no pre-set agenda by me as the practitioner, your body-mind provides the priorities for the session. I work with your permission to talk and listen to your body: focusing on addressing physical [aches and pains], emotional [upsets and conflicts], mental [chatter and disturbances], and spiritual [questions and seeking] discomforts. The surface problems we experience are just the tip of the iceberg of the underlying issues. By investing to look deeper, we can find how different factors are amalgamating to create the current situation. By focusing the light of awareness on these issues we can shift your consciousness, and thus bring about a tremendous shift in your health on all levels.

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I offer video call sessions using Skype/WhatsApp/Zoom Video call if you are not able to visit my room, or not in my area, or are abroad. These sessions are done fully clothed, using video calls on your cell phone/PC as you sit in a comfortable space while we explore the links indicated by your body-mind. The tapping is done by yourself under my instructions from time to time. I have clients all over the world and find this to be a wonderful way to work which yields tremendous results.

Sessions are also offered in-person; at my practice in Faerie Glen, Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. In-Person sessions are done fully clothed while you lie on your back on a treatment bed. I touch your abdomen lightly, tapping lightly on your head, sternum, and abdomen from time to time.

It is possible to have an in-person session without any physical touch and/or sitting upright if so requested.

I further offer distant sessions that are done without any direct in-person engagement with you. You send me an agenda (list of priorities to focus on) via email/Whatsapp before the session. After the session, I provide a voice recording of the session. Distant sessions are very powerful and their effectiveness has recently been scientifically proven. I am deeply humbled by the incredible effectiveness and accuracy of distant sessions.

After a BodyTalk session (irrespective if the session was in-person, via video call, or distant) you may experience an increased feeling of well-being and peace. Clients have confessed to shifts in their way of thinking and ways they deal with environmental stressors. Like all healing, it will sometimes bring up hidden issues that might not be pleasant to release and work through. Yet if you are diligent and willing, the release will bring a renewed sense of well-being.

“That which is – is only Grace; there is nothing else.” ~ Ramana Maharshi
  • https://www.mysticmag.com/psychic-reading/interview-lucuadupreez What were your professional beginnings like and how did you get into BodyTalk? I studied psychology at university, but in the mid-90s, psychology was mainly focused on what’s wrong with an individual. This didn’t really align with my views, as I kept asking, “What about the people who just want to do better?” At the time, I couldn’t find any answers to that question within traditional psychology. From there, I ventured out to gain life experience and went into business. However, my interest in business wasn’t just driven by ambition, but by

  • “Skik jouself na omstandighede” (fit yourself to the environment) My father used to say this phrase to the great irritation of the young teenage mind, that only wanted what it wanted when it wanted it. To find later in life that accommodation is one of the most critical values to develop made those memories very sweet.  There is such wisdom in his words. To fit yourself to the situation means that you take the field into account and do not demand life to be according to your likes and dislikes. This mindset

  • One of my clients recently shared how the only way for her to deal with her recurring depression is to just sit with it. It became evident from further conversations with some of my naturally depressed clients, that the tools being promoted to assist with depression might be counterintuitive at times.    People are encouraged to adopt a range of tools to help them with their depressive tendencies. These include exercise, eating right, positive thinking, and mindfulness. All these practices have a value of course. Yet the most helpful tool, just sit with it,

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” ~Rabindranath Tagore


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BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system, based on the Dynamic Systems and Quantum Physics/Holographic models. The bodymind* is seen as a whole: with each part reflected in another part of the whole (holographic) and each part influencing other parts (dynamic).

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