About Lucua

Knowledge. Truth. Self-Realisation.

I have a background in business and am a Master Business & Life Coach (certified by ILS). After studying my Honors in Psychology in the 90’s I left the field, disillusioned that there was no movement to assist people to live out their highest potential. Luckily that has changed with the emergence of Coaching and further recent development of Energy Psychology.

After receiving BodyTalk sessions for a couple of years during my Master of Business Administration studies, my practitioner suggested that I take the BodyTalk Access course in 2015. Within 6 months I was certified as a practitioner and the very next day I took my first advanced course. Since then, I have taken the majority of the BodyTalk courses offered, which include advanced, additional, and supplementary courses.

Studying PaRama expanded my BodyTalk knowledge exponentially. In conjunction with attending Psych-K®, an Energy Psychology modality, my offered sessions reached new dimensions in shifting the hidden limiting beliefs for clients, in addition to the health benefits clients already experience on all levels.

BodyTalk is a beautiful system, I rejoice and am humbled by the tremendous results I observe in clients on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. 

I offer Video Call Sessions and Distance Sessions Globally, plus In-Person Sessions at my practice in Pretoria, Faerie Glen, SA. 

I am a Member of the International BodyTalk Association, the South African BodyTalk Association and local area group BodyTalk Health

In 2020 I was asked to teach Advaita Vedanta, which fitted perfectly as BodyTalk is an intuitive Consciousness based healthcare system that has its philosophical roots in Vedanta. Subsequently, I started to teach an annual course in 2021 on Vedanta, a science of Consciousness that uses impeccable logic to help us understand the nature of the Self, consciousness, and reality itself. For more details on the teaching see https://www.vedanta4all.com/

``Your body’s ability to heal is much greater than anyone has ever permitted you to believe.”


BodyTalk courses taken





Physical Energetics

Principles of Consciousness


Eastern Medicine

Macrocosmic BodyMind

BodyTalk Direct

The Soul’s Journey - Exploring the 3 Brain’s

Metaphysics of Treating

Finding Health

Matrix Dynamics


Other courses taken

Honours in Psychology

Reiki Master

Intuitive Fascia Release

Masters in Business Administration


Access Bars®

Master Business & Life Coach (Inner Life Skills)

Light Body & DNA Activation Practitioner