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BodyTalk is a beautiful system, I rejoice and am humbled by the tremendous results I observe in clients on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Lucua has been an absolute game-changer in my life. After years of relying on depression medication, I never imagined I could break free from its grip. However, after just one session with Lucua, I found myself effortlessly letting go of medication without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. Her unique ability to transform energy and uncover the root causes of my struggles has been nothing short of remarkable.

In the past few months, I’ve experienced tremendous growth and healing under Lucua’s guidance. She creates a safe and nurturing space where I feel truly understood and supported. Trusting her guidance has led to profound changes in my life, especially as I navigate living abroad in Dubai.

Lucua’s expertise and compassionate approach have empowered me to take control of my mental health journey and live a life filled with newfound freedom and vitality. I’m endlessly grateful for her presence in my life.

Cherize Cloete – Dubai 

As a longstanding patron of Lucua, I recommend her highly. Each session gets to the core of what issues are arising in my life at any given time, and she provides laser-sharp insight and clarity each and every time. I feel as though a weight has lifted and cannot recommend her highly enough.- Skype session

Tara Brown – Ireland 

Lucua came into my life at a point where I did not understand what was going on with my body and mind. Her great healing abilities combined with high intuition and wisdom helped me with my physical issues as much as with everything else that was going on in my mental and emotional body. Her distant healing sessions have been a great help and support for me. Thank you Lucua for your existence!

Daniela Parisis – Kos Greece  

Lucua has become a quintessential component of my overall health, wellness and well-being, through facilitating optimal functioning and integration of mind, body and soul. Reaching beyond that, she also fulfills a dual role or perhaps even a triple role as my executive coach and confidante. I can soundboard in a safe space, to help me remain aligned with my intrinsic values, my goals and ultimately my divine purpose here on Earth. Having someone completely objective to work with in all these aspects, is completely invaluable. On top of that, her rates are in line with the value she adds.

Marion Banks – Pretoria

Hi Lucua, aunt J says she experienced a major shift from your 2 distant sessions. She can feel most or close to all the negativity has left her. She’s in a better space. She noted a week after every session something strange happen. I am wondering if her session is fast tracking her growth. As we all me, my dad and aunt have experienced major shifts. I am more intuitive with my dad, calmer and accepting and shifting without hesitation. Both me and my dad. Thank you for facilitating our spiritual progress.

Durban family

Bodytalk is amazing!! By understanding how everything fits together and by learning to look at life differently and trusting your inner magic. Things that would have normally upset me and eaten away at me for days, I can just let go and move on. It’s such an amazing gift… thank you

Pretoria mom

Lucua came into our family’s life just in time. After struggling with anxiety for years (to the point of deep-seated phobia), we were concerned about our 14-year-old teenage son’s future. Sometimes his fears were fewer because of interventions but never completely went away. He missed so many opportunities because of the avoidance of situations and places – also at school. It took only one session with Lucua to notice an amazing change in his anxiety levels. After each session, our son became more comfortable in situations and places which he previously avoided. It took only three sessions to permanently remove all his fears and phobia. Seeing our son now enjoying his teenage years is the ultimate joy. Lucua is an excellent Body Talk practitioner and comes highly recommended, especially working with kids of all ages.

Pretoria family

Lucua is off the scale as a BT practitioner. Her insight and awareness are incredible and I cannot underestimate the effect my time spent with her has had on my life and my perspectives. Simply fantastic and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jacky Collins – UK

Lucua has been my Health Practioner for the past 2 years. Her skills, intuition and insight in fascilitating healing has changed my life profoundly! On a physical level with speedy healing after several knee operations. On a emotional level assisting me to let go of several limiting believe systems etc. On a spiritual level her Vedanta teachings has helped me realise my true identity, help me on my journey with knowledge and obtaining freedom. And the soul activation sessions helped me realise my soul purpose and live life as the highest and best version of myself!!

Marlene Smith – Pretoria

Lucua is a profound practitioner with an innate knowing of the role of consciousness in our bodymind.

Donna Vance – Houghton Johannesburg 

Lucua has been my Health Practioner for the past 2 and a half years She has helped me through a very traumatic period in my life and continues to help as new challenges comes up. I will continue to see as her skills, intuition and insight in fascilitating healing which has changed my life profoundly!

Mariette Janse van Rensburg – Lynnwood Pretoria 

So accurate from the very first word. Loved every minute.

Lerato Makgato – Soweto

Lucua is a true healer. She uncovers obstacles with kindness, patience and wisdom. Her natural intuition is complemented by her deep knowledge and ongoing education to stay on top of current developments in the field of Body Talk.

Naomi Brink – Pretoria East

Amazing skype session with Lucua! I purposefully gave as little info as possible and she was spot on. During the session my shoulder pain was relieved and has still not returned to that same spot since. This was with our first session.

Mathami Hoffman – Namibia

Through my BODY TALK sessions with Lucua du Preez, I not only came alive again, I came to know myself for the very first time – and in so doing found a love within I never thought possible. Many wonderful transformations have ensued as Lucua is somehow able to read a problem accurately, without me even mentioning it, and shift it energetically by addressing the root of the problem and eliminates it. I witnessed distressing patterns, I’ve been holding on for too long (some unknowingly) dissolve and felt the intransigent become insignificant. Limiting perceptions and behaviours being transformed, hormone levels shifting dramatically and yet that is merely a small part of what happens… For me, it’s like a ‘portal of grace’ is opened each time I have a session, and in that space a precious gift of healing is passed to me – a gift I barely understand but most definitely cherish. To reflect on this ‘gift’ (and the healing that has occurred) positively startles me at times, filling me with such immense gratitude. Lucua is an extraordinary individual, being the ever consummate professional and an unassailable confidant. She bring not only beautiful intuition and deep compassion to her sessions but also true equanimity, authentic presence and joyful warmth to the healing process. I feel blessed to have found you … Thank you

CW – Hartbeespoort dam

I was first introduced to Body Talk about 10 years ago and would have no hesitation in recommending it as a therapy. I always find it fascinating how Body Talk allows the intelligence and wisdom of the body to come through, bypassing the critical mind. Deeply buried memories and beliefs that no longer serve are brought to the surface for healing. In addition to the healing, it is also extremely relaxing and a wonderful space for the body to rest in!

SB – Johannesburg

I highly recommend booking a Body Talk session with Lucua. She creates a welcoming atmosphere and holds space for healing and counselling.

Carien Kruger – Pretoria

You know those experiences where words simply cannot begin to describe the extent of how awesome it is..

Jean Snyman – Cape Town


Piet Hattingh – Benoni