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Topics for blogs seem to reveal them self over nights of sleeplessness, as if I have to stay awake to get the full download. The theme of being on top of the world however has been revealing itself over a number of sleepless nights with many synchronicities in the subsequent days and an abundance of emphasis in the field energy.

I have observed that a part of the spiritual journey is to make a very clear distinction between the spiritual and material, to highlight where the hidden desires and focus points are. The problem mostly with these parts on the path is that we then tend to think that is it, this is what it is all about. If we do not have someone to point out that it is but a part of it only, and that very often what once nourished us on the path becomes poisonous on a different part, we get stuck.

The topic today relates to prosperity and abundance on the path. I am not calling it spiritual path now, as at some point the two merge and there seize to be one or the other, they become either and.

Somewhere the idea/belief is stuck that to be spiritual means to be struggling and suffering. There is truth to it that at some point on the path, it seems to be a struggle and filled with lots of suffering, it seems to be a phase that most go through. Thus the idea stuck that it is a struggle and suffering. ***

Struggle and scarcity is not the end of the path however. The more aligned flow happens, the more life seems to just be abundantly prosperous. Of course, I am not just referring to monetary values here, however it does include monetary aspects. When the days of flow was few and far between, I use to call the days “Manna falling from the sky”. Now I simply refer to it as Grace. Ramana Maharshi so beautifully captured it when he said “that which is, is only Grace – there is nothing else”.

Once we realise who we are, we know we are whole and complete, limitless and a sense of expansion is undeniable. Of course nothing changed, we were always all That, now our mind is just conscious of it. Then there is just a strong movement to fulfil our design here, we are placed here with a design to be of use, like a toaster or alarm clock.

That flow now is a part of life and as with all things, the more we are aware of it, the more we see it everywhere. A feeling of being on top of the world sets in. Mostly as the joy is undeniable and it is not based on any specific reason. Again the more joy you feel the more joy you are aware of, not that there is limit to it, something that are full and complete already still seems to increase, the paradox of realised life.

Our outer world starts to reflect this feeling of being on top of the word. It reflects our perception of the limitless nature of our being. Eckhart Tolle eloquently explains it in three sentences:
“Remember that your perception of the world is a reflection of your consciousness.
You are not separate to the world, out there is no objective world.
At every moment your consciousness is creating the world in which you are living.”

The general idea is that once you have money/prosperity all your problems/challenges will go away. It is a strange illusion, as if something is coming to save you from a world that requires you to apply your intellect and discernment to navigate life.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The more you flow with life and find yourself on top of the world, the more dimensions and nuances your challenges have. It is a fine dance to be open to your designated job and to keep an eye on the needs of the many, whilst simultaneously remembering that your apparent person are part of the many and must be included.

Lastly, there is even secondary ideas and beliefs running underneath, that while we are on top of the world, we must watch out as it will turn…”from laughing comes crying” / “van lekker lag kom lekker huil” as the old folks use to say as we grew up. They were referring to the ebb and flow of life. Yet this does not need to be a crying affair, it is attachment to life being only one way, either up or down, that leads to suffering. Life is always both regardless of our insistence it must not be that way.

Being on top of world refer to an inner state, a focus on Grace and joyous surrender, that is unshakable regardless of the apparent outer, where we dance joyously on top of the world, knowing that it ebb and flow and that neither is final.

May you enjoy the dance!

*** I found that having BodyTalk sessions really helped to shift all those ideas and beliefs from the subconscious mind when it was no longer needed.

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