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Silence Medicine

I had the great privilege to attend a talk on Healing by Lionel Bermann* on Saturday at Luminosus**.

There were valuable reminders and information shared with great flair, as per usual, when Lionel presents. Further it answered a question, or more correctly a gnawing, that I was feeling for past week or two.

I felt this gnawing building as the move date to our home neared. In the months leading up to move, I was researching furniture for the extra lounge right by the front door of the house. The purpose was clear from the start, a space to focus on zero point energy.

How … was unclear.

The carpet to hold the space appeared even before signing for the house, yet the rest just did not feel right. Found a company to make a purple modern lounge suite, still, it did not feel quite right.

And then it just dawned, it was a meditation class space. An empty space, where people can come together to rest in Awareness and communicate with their souls.

Coming back to Lionel’s talk Saturday, it was when he was sharing the shamanic medicines that the gnawing really took shape and clicked together.

Silence is one of the Shamanic medicines and that was the needed focus. Yes there will be guidance, yet it is in Silence that the soul can whisper to each one attending precisely what was needed.

My journey with Lionel started in 2011 after attending a talk with him. In our private consultation that I scheduled after the talk, he pointed me to active service of my soul. Guided by his consultation I looked for coaching to enhance my communication skills and years on BodyTalk developed from this understanding of being a communicator of knowledge and truth to others. Through the years the periodical consultations with him helped with course corrections and ensuring that I am ever following the path my soul requires.

I am inviting you to come and share in the weekly Silence Medicine class in Faerie Glen^, Pretoria.

Ever grateful to my Soul’s friend Lionel* for his guidance!






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