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“Your soul is having a ball, heart ache and all”

This come out of a WhatsApp conversation I was having with a dear friend. In the moment I chuckled as the cheesy phrase just popped in my head and then the depth of the seemingly cheesy phrase poured in… the reality is just that!

As a person (jiva) we deal with life and get engulfed with the ups and downs. We get battle tired of fighting the ups and avoiding the downs. Yet our souls did not come here for just ups, nor just downs. Just look at the influx of souls in war stricken countries; and in seemingly ideal areas of the person infertility is skyrocketing. I notice that souls stand in line to encounter life in all its full sweetness and horror.

I am not too keen on the mentality that we only learn from downs, pain and suffering. I observe that abundance and ups poses their own challenges. Yet it is impossible to deny that the majority of soul lessons seems to involve copious amounts of snot and tears. The questions are of course, is the suffering necessary and who is suffering?

It really is not a matter of bad or good, it is about being conscious and unconscious, aware and unaware. So many times in a session, the person is describing suffering and yet the soul is happy. And then of course the reverse, the person is apparently happy, yet can’t shake the feeling of emptiness (soul unhappy).

I have a small beautiful painting print from Colleen-Joy*** in my home that says “see through the eyes of your Soul”. Yet most look only with their person’s eyes and then the person is also wearing several glasses (filters of belief) to boot.

The question is …
Where are you focusing, on the person and the biological need to avoid pain and seek out pleasure, or on the soul and the beautiful dance of life and service that it brings?

I invite you to “see through the eyes of your Soul”!

*** Colleen-Joy https://www.enlightenedappletree.com/

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