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Grace follows Obedience

The conundrum is always between having control/choice and not having control/choice. It is important to realise that we have and not have control at the same time, either and. The heading might suggest a dogmatic religious view where we are encouraged to be obedient or face fire & brimstone, this could not be further from the truth.

My first life changing experience with the pressure of my soul and Grace that follows happened in 1998. Life was free and wild, partying all night as queen on the dance floor.

At the time I could feel a pressure mounting, like a push from within. I tried to persuade my king to leave and start anew, but he was unmovable at the time. The pressure become so acute, I literally felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin.

The unbearable feeling open me to flee and I did. That first night in Cape Town (furthest point I could flee to at the time), I had a dream with all the symbolic representation of the tumbling house of cards that was to follow.

I was so grateful that Grace spared me from all that suffering.

And for the first time, I changed in operating from free and wild, to free and obedient.

Obedience was till that time not my modus operandi as my questioning intellect was not satisfied with the sheep mentality of the 80s. The authorities that required obedience were certainly not worthy of it, yet in my soul I found a worthy authority to obey.

As time went on, my obedience grew to these pressure of my soul and simultaneously so did the flow of Grace in every aspect of my life.

Does that mean that Grace can be manipulated, of course not. It is precisely by surrendering steering that Grace can flow.

It is in following the guidance from the soul that we align to our function and thus align ourselves to our work here on beautiful Earth.

Just a side note here, this work does not refer to career, it might include a career, yet the work is more expansive and all-encompassing.

Which brings me back to having control or not. We do not have control over our soul function and purpose in this lifetime. We do have control/choice in being obedient to those yearnings and guidance from our souls.

I am ever willing and open to yield to these pressures from my soul and by now it is clear that I can trust Grace to flow from that obedience.

Do you obey the pressure of your soul or do you find yourself swimming against a tide that lacks the flow of Grace?

Why not choose obedience and find another way!

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