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Involved Detachment

Earlier this week I shared a picture and quote from Ram Dass with my clients with the heading of Involved Detachment. Reading Steven Farmer’s* words, I realized that I claimed the term of Involved Detachment as something I put together. Yet reading the message, it is clear the seed was planted by Steven as I have over the years gotten this card a few times.

This clearly illustrates how a seed can be planted, later sprouts and grows, yet we rarely remember where the seed originated from, I have observed this many time in sessions. It reminded me that we cannot claim anything, all is given and shared, allowing us to build our knowledge and release ignorance.

When I shared the meme, a client replied, “easier said than done”. Very true indeed, that is precisely why it takes daily focus and why it is called practice. I share a little extract from Steven’s Condor message.

“True detachment is objective compassion, a state of mind and heart where you still care very much but are distanced enough so you’re not under the illusion that you can somehow control the situation or person through your participation or intervention. In any situation or conversation, follow these four simple guidelines.”

He goes on to talk about being present and attentive whilst speaking your truth (or at least keep quiet). Further steps include keeping a focus on only what is important and then he refers to Karma yoga, letting go of any attachment to the outcome. He concludes with “these four steps will help you keep your perspective while remaining compassionately involved and detached at the same time.”

Trying to keep control is probably the biggest obstacle in the practice of compassionate Involved Detachment. Of late, I noticed that continuity has markedly changed. Before 2020 continuity stretched for a few days and even weeks/months, I could with a certain amount of clarity know that I will be at my practice on Saturday or be able to travel in November. Now continuity has shortened to but a few hours. I have no idea what the afternoon will hold in the morning, it seems that there are changes to plans and schedules hour to hour.

I believe this is one of the contributors to the stress and fatigue people are feeling currently. They are trying to hold control and continuity at a time where it is simply impossible. As it is said, the only constant is change and currently, that change is rapid, sometimes it feels ruthless even. Ultimately, we never had control over happenings, now it is just so apparent it hurts.

The only thing we do have control over is how we engage and what perspective we hold. I encourage you to step back, observe the flow, do your best, and let go of attachment to the outcome. Let the practice of Involved Detachment become part of your life and feel the freedom it brings.

*Steven Farmer Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides 


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