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Willingness … to find another way!

Before Y2K my spiritual teacher bought A Course in Miracles* book for me. I tried many times to read it in the following decade, each time the words and writing was to foreign to comprehend.

Fast forward to 2011. In a moment in the kitchen I knew it was time to move on from said teacher.

There was no dramatic endings, just an opening and opportunity from universe/God/Ishvara to walk away. No need for thanks to be given either, it was given daily in the thirteen years together. Lao-Tzu* beautifully said before 533BC “when the student is ready the teacher appears, when the student is truly ready the teacher disappears”, as always incredibly wise words from Lao-Tzu!

At the time A Course in Miracles (ACIM) come back into my life, popping up everywhere. This time when I read it, it was complete synergy. It made sense, the text was clear and the lessons natural. In the course of a year I worked through it and graduate when I was challenged to practice the lessons in a most spectacular fashion when my worst fear manifested itself.

The field in the last week reminded me extensively of the lessons from ACIM. It is a sentence in the beginning that stands out… when the writer realised there must be a better way.

ACIM explained, a willingness is required, we do not set the curriculum, only when we choose to follow it.

I realised that is what is needed for each client when they come to a session.

Two clients actually voiced preciously that… “I am willing for a shift to happen, I do not know what it will be, yet I am willing”.

The monetary exchange of the session is required for clean interaction with me, the practitioner.

The willingness is the payment you offer to yourself. Willingness unlock the doors of new dimensions and horizons for you. It is a vibration and frequency, more than a motivation or drive. In Dr David Hawkins Power vs Flow*, his frequency chart shows Willingness comes just before Acceptance. Thus when we vibrate at the level of willingness, acceptance of what is follows closely. It is in these two vibrations that we start to find the peace and tranquility that we yearn for, which incidentally is actually who we are (a blog for another day).

On the other hand, if we are not willing to find another way and think we already know, the shift will not happen. Ask yourself, “is your life an example that you already know?” If you do not live in perpetual joy, you do not know.

All that is required is a willingness to find another way… are you willing??

Bring that willingness to your next session and observe the quantum leaps you can make in consciousness!


A Course in Miracles – The Foundation for Inner Peace – 2007 – 3rd edition

Power vs Flow – Dr David Hawkins MD PhD – Hay House Inc – 2014 – 1st edition

Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching – recommend translation by Stephen Mitchell


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