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Surfing the wave of change

It was one of those days. You know them well. They start out one way and within the course of that day, it seems the horizon shifted.

Sessions shifted and change as this wave of change forms part of the ocean and therefor affects everyone.
If I had to take a snapshot of my calendar at 7 am this morning and compare it to 7 pm, the change of the day would be glaringly evident.
Yet these days are part of life, as life is dynamic, ever changing and moving.
It is really curious how change retains its unsettling quality for most.
A dear friend of mine reminded me recently how as children we incessantly ask, what will happen next.
Always looking for safety in knowing.
As adults we persist with this addiction, only now it becomes trickier to pretend that we know.
Thus the safety that knowing gave as a child becomes an ever elusive dream.
In a recent workshop with Lionel Berman*** he gave this beautiful breakdown of the word change.
C – Clearing
H – Healing
A – And
N – New
G – Gifts
E – Emerging
Change brings the clearing away of that which no longer fits.
Many times clients ask for healing and then as the clearing shows up, they immediately assume they did something wrong.
This clearing has been called many names, healing crisis, dark night of the soul, to mention a few.
It is in these times that we are loosing friends and things we become accustom to.
Yet without the clearing, how will the healing happen.
Lets take a physical example of a wound.
The first thing we do, we clean it.
And then we allow it to heal, which naturally happens by itself.
A lot of the path is about clearing, once we cleared the way, the healing happens all by itself.
And as the healing settles, new gifts will emerge.
The question to ask is, am I able to surf the wave of change?
Or do I resist and get wiped out by the wave?!

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